Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental health awareness week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and supporting mental health in construction is extremely important to us here at FCE Projects. In this blog, we will open up this topic in more detail and discuss what we are doing at FCE to support our employees, what we could be dong better as an industry … Read more

Ensuring Safety and Health at Work in A Changing Climate

World Day for Safety and Health at Work’

As a member of the UN Global Compact, FCE Projects has pledged to help raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and today, as part of our SDG Awareness Campaign, we have chosen to open the topic of health and safety at work regarding Goal 3: Good Health & Wellbeing. Sunday 28th April is … Read more

FCE signs up to the UN Global Compact

FCE Sustainable Development Goals

We are pleased to confirm that FCE Projects Ltd supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. With this communication, we express our intent to implement those principles. We are committed to making the UN Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and … Read more

Launch of our zero carbon roadmap

FCE Zero Carbon

To support our corporate mission to be resilient, it is our vision to become zero carbon ‘business as usual’ by 2030. In 2020, we launched our Zero Carbon Roadmap to ensure we adapt, prepare and respond to a zero-carbon future by innovating and continuously improving our business model across: business operations, site operations, site transport provisions, and … Read more