Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the best in class civil engineering firm serving the power distribution network across Northwest England and North Wales.

In all that we do we shall be fully committed to providing an efficient customer focused service that is delivered safely, on time, to exact customer specification and in a manner that is considerate to the environment.

Our Mission

We shall be a resilient organisation that protects the environment, improves the lives of our people, supports the communities we serve and brings economic benefit for our region.

Fighting Climate Emergency

To support our corporate mission to be resilient, it is our vision to become zero carbon ‘business as usual’ by 2030.

In 2020, we launched our Zero Carbon Roadmap to ensure we adapt, prepare and respond to a zero-carbon future by innovating and continuously improving our business model across:

Business Operations

Site Operations

Site Transport Provisions

Supply Chains

FCE Zero Carbon Roadmap
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Our Zero Carbon Roadmap 2020 to 2030

Our Values


driven by our customers' needs


working across project stakeholders to deliver the best solutions


acting with integrity, equality, fairness and respect


doing the right thing for society and the planet

We will be zero carbon 'business as usual' in...